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Thank you for your Interest in my Lightroom Presets

To make sure that you know what you are purchasing I would like to explain why I use Adobe Lightroom to edit my photos and how it will completely change your feed, save you time and unify your account.

What is a Preset

A preset is a configuration of settings, designed to achieve a certain look or style of your photo. With pre created presets you will have the luxury of one click editing. This will save you time and you will be able to customise your feed to have a more defined look. The life of the standard Instagram filters where everything is faded and out of focus has died. The aim of the Lightroom preset for me is to naturally enhance your images. I am not in to ‘faking’ my images. Everything you see is real and my presets simply help my images to pop or give them a look that I’m after for that specific type of image.

What are the main benefits

You can Batch Edit, so if you have taken 200 slightly different images and don’t want to edit 20 of them to see which is best, you can apply the filter to all 200 and flick through to find your preferred image. Trust me this will save you HOURS of editing time. The preset may not be perfect for all images as they are designed to work for all kinds of images, but you can still adjust them afterwards until they are perfect for you.

Your feed will have better Consistency and Theme, this is what we are all after on our page. My presets are curated for a wide range of images with a very different start point. They all have a common colour or saturation end point to bring a nice consistency to the page. Check out @live_jet_brunette_presets to see how these work.

You will have the variety you need.. So I am starting off with my Tropical 1-10 preset pack. Each pack will have 10 presets included. I am currently working on may other packs to add to my collection.

My presets are affordable! I have seen so many of these sold between $20 – $79, personally I think that is too much money. I want my presets to be affordable for all. I have mainly travelled on a backpacker budget so can understand the thought process of where you will stay, what transport you will take to make your money last longer. So being able to justify $79 for presets would be a struggle! Mine are priced at a very reasonable £9.99 GBP. I want people to be able to enjoy them as I will also enjoy seeing images where they have been used.

How does it work

You do need to have a yearly subscription to Adobe Lightroom which is also very affordable, the mobile app is then free. Upon purchase of any preset pack you will be sent 10 presets per pack along with a step by step instruction guide of how to install them, use the presets and editing tips.

I hope you enjoy using my presets and I can’t wait to see your new images.

Check out @live_jet_brunette_presets for more before / after pictures


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