Flores & Komodo Island

Flores & Komodo island 

One of the things up on my list when visiting Indonesia was to go to Komodo Island, there was absolutely no way I would miss out on an opportunity to see these prehistoric beasts when I was so close to them!

At the time when I decided to go I was in Lombok, my options were to to get the 4 day boat from Lombok to Flores which sounded incredible. However unfortunately my itinerary didn’t have the spare days for the boat. So it was a short flight from Lombok to Bali – Bali to Flores. 

Indonesia Flying Tip: Remember that when you are flying in Indonesia they don’t allow you to take a tripod in your hand luggage! I learnt this the hard way and got to taken off of me! Make sure you check this in to the hold. 

The main area to stay in Flores is Labuan Bajo, this is a small and charming town with a wonderfully local feel. The transfer to the town is only 5 minutes. 

The first thing you should do when you get to your hotel is rent a scooter, especially if you are staying out of the town. We found that the price of a taxi was way more expensive than scooter hire. Get Maps Me downloaded on your phone, it is a sat nav that doesn’t require Data. Job Done!

Depending on what you would like to see / time and your diving capabilities there are hundreds of different things to do here. We went on the Komodo island tour which took us to the following places: 

01. Manta Point

You will come to an area of the ocean that has many many Manta Rays, once the crew have spotted them you will get a chance to jump in and snorkel with them. The day that I was there, there were probably about 10 – 15 circling around and the are huuuuuge! Don’t forget when you are sailing along to look over the edge as massive turtles swim by regularly. We found that the quieter you were in the water the closer they would get. 

02. Padar Island

Padar island is an absolute spectacle, you have the choice here to hike to the top of the island or chill on the beautiful white sand and crystal clear water. My advice would be to hike up, you won’t regret it the 360 degree view is absolutely stunning and like no island I have ever seen before. 

Tip: If you go on the hike it is very hot so make sure you take a hat, water and get some sun cream on as their is no shade either. 

You will be rewarded by a swim in the most beautiful sea once you get down fro the top. 

Views from the top of Padar

03. Komodo Island

The big one! Excited about this all day and slightly anxious, you have a little walk the reception where you will meet your guide, be careful the way as the Komodo’s are wild animals and free to roam so you are likely to see one before meeting with your guide. Once you have your guide with his protective stick you will take an hour walk through the national park. There is an abundance of wildlife here and the guides are very knowledgeable about all of. Once you find them you might be lucky enough to have a photo with one. Hopefully you are able to look a bit more natural than me! Smile you’re standing next to a dinosaur! 

Chilling with Dino

04. Pink Beach 

On the same island but just around the corner is pink beach, on approach I won’t lie it doesn’t look pink. Get in the sea for some beautiful corals and fish and when you reach the sand it is PINK! Chill here for a little while and you might get a local in a kayak coming round to sell you a nice cold beer! Bliss! 

Once you’re back on the boat kick back and relax watching the sunset while sailing back to the mainland. This trip is an epic adventure and one not to miss. 

The finest pink sand at Pink Beach

When your in Labuan Bajo don’t forget to go to the amazing beaches, we found a couple with no one on them and you can swim to different islands. It really is a beautiful place. A lovely one is Pantai Waecicu. 


Food in Labuan Bajo

There is only one smart choice here…. Get to the harbour and enjoy the fresh seafood bbq! You will find locals and travellers all eating together here and can have fresh lobster for the crazy price of £3.

I hope this inspires you to visit this beautiful island it is part of my trip that I absolutely loved! 

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Love LJB x

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